05 Feb 2016
News as at 5th February 2016

The first half of term ends at 1625 today, after a short but intense period of study and prelim exams. Three members of staff and around 20 younger pupils are going on the CCF Ski Trip to Northern Italy for the entire week of the holiday, while older pupils concentrate on study for the remaining prelims and the SQA exams themselves.   Pupils return to School on Sunday 14th February, from 1400 onwards. We wish everyone who is taking the half-term holiday/leave period a happy and relaxing time. 

Welcome to the Queen Victoria School (QVS) website where we hope to give you a flavour of life at our unique boarding school in Scotland for Service children.

Queen Victoria School in Dunblane is fully-funded for tuition and boarding by the Ministry of Defence to provide stability and continuity of education, within the Scottish system, for the children of UK Armed Forces personnel. Service personnel who are Scottish, or who have served in Scotland, or who have been part of a Scottish regiment are given priority.

Fully boarding, co-educational and tri-service (for Army, Navy and RAF children), the School takes around 270 pupils from the ages of 10/11 up to 18. All necessary costs are met by the Ministry of Defence.  All places at QVS are funded directly by the MoD and are not subject to the terms and conditions of Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA).

As well as high academic standards, the School develops in its pupils a range of skills, attributes and values which help them to find their way in life, both during their School years and beyond.

Her Majesty's Inspectors for Education (HMIE) - March 2012 Visit

The most recent visit by a team of inspectors from HMIE was in 2012.  The letter which they wrote as an outcome of the visit is available by following the link below.  QVS is visited at least once a year by its Link HMIE Inspector, as a matter of routine.


05 Feb, 2016
News as at 5th February 2016

The first half of term ends at 1625 today, after a......more ››

29 Jan, 2016
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22 Jan, 2016
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